No. Although prostitution is legal in many counties of Nevada, it is only legal in counties with a population of under 400,000. Clark County, the county that Las Vegas is in, has a population over 400,000 and so prostitution is illegal.

If Prostitution is Illegal, Then How are There So Many Ads for Escort Services and “Entertainers”?

Escort services and call girls can get around the rather lax Las Vegas prohibition on prostitution by not actually offering sex. If you hire an escort, you are paying money to have a girl come to your room, nothing else. Whatever happens behind closed doors is up to you and the escort.

I Got Ripped Off By an Escort, What Can I Do?

If you get ripped off by an escort, there is little you can do. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, so you can’t call the police and tell them you got scammed by a hooker. When you call an escort service, you agree to pay money for the girl’s company, but you cannot find out beforehand what she is willing to do. Because prostitution is illegal, call girls have to be careful to not incriminate themselves when you call them. So, if you try to ask the girl what she is willing to do before she is in your room, she probably won’t tell you. If it turns out that she isn’t willing to do what you wanted her to do, you will still have to pay her. Escort services are notorious for ripping people off.

What Happens if I Get Caught with a Prostitute in Las Vegas?

If you get caught with a prostitute in Las Vegas, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. You may be taken to jail and you may have to pay a fine.

Should I Contact a Lawyer?

If you have questions about prostitution in Las Vegas, you may want to talk to a criminal lawyer in Las Vegas to learn more about the applicable laws.