Immigration Waivers For Physicians

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The United States has a national interest in obtaining physicians in underserved areas. To encourage the hiring of physicians in underserved areas, certain employers and physicians are relieved from going through the labor certification process.

Who Is Eligible for a Waiver?

Because there is a national need for physicians in underserved areas, the standard labor certification process is waived if the petitioner is:

How Does an Alien Physician Locate Underserved Areas?

There are two primary ways to gain employment in underserved areas without the employer's need to gain labor certification:

What Information Needs to Be Provided when Applying for a Waiver?

Besides the application form, the petitioner or physician must submit various documents for each intended practice area. Examples of information required include:

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you are an employer wishing to hire an alien physician to serve in an underserved area, or you are an alien physician desiring to start a clinic in an underserved area, an attorney experienced in immigration law can determine if you qualify for the waiver and help you complete the waiver application. 

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