How to Divorce Your Husband

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How Can I Divorce My Husband?

In order to divorce your husband, you will need to establish grounds to dissolve the marriage. The person filing for divorce is the plaintiff or petitioner, and the person being sued for divorce is the defendant or respondent. Grounds for divorce vary from state to state, but these are the most common:

Where Should I File for Divorce?

One of the first legal questions to consider when initiating a divorce is where you should file. Each state has its own residency requirements regarding how long the state must be the couple’s primary residence before they can file for divorce in that state. There are vast differences in residency requirements from state to state.

For instance, in Nevada the residency requirement is only six weeks. Missouri, Montana, and Wyoming require 90 days to establish residence, while six months is the legal requirement in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia and New Mexico. Some states, such as Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, require a year or more.

What Is the Process for Divorce Proceedings?

Every divorce proceeding is different, but there are some common elements to the process that are generally consistent. Uncontested divorces, in which both spouses are in agreement regarding the divorce action, are likely to be shorter and less complicated than contested divorces.

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce can be a highly combative process in which emotions run high. It can be difficult to think rationally or consider long-term consequences. A divorce lawyer can represent your best interests during all phases of the divorce process.

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