County divorce records contain information regarding the past judgments for divorces, dissolutions of marriages, and other marriage termination cases. These records can be helpful for persons who need to know the marriage history of a certain party. While county divorce records can sometimes be limited, they nonetheless provide valuable information to the general public.

County divorce records are usually searchable through online databases. They operate in a similar manner to other county record databases, such as county deed records.

What Is Contained in the Broward County Official Records?

Broward County Official Records contain limited information regarding past divorces. For instance, public searches allow access only to the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. This will allow you to be able to tell whether a person was divorced in the past or had a marriage otherwise dissolved. However, that search will not yield additional information. For instance, you will not be able to identify:

Also, you may have some difficulty locating records if they are very old or if the divorce occurred many decades ago.

Why Would I Need to Search Divorce Records?

Some people want to search divorce records in connection with legal issues such as:

  • Upcoming marriages
  • Immigration issues (especially when petitioning a spouse or fiancé)
  • Property issues
  • Employment benefits
  • Various other issues

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Divorce Records?

If you have more specific legal needs, or if you have any questions about a person’s divorce history, you may wish to hire a Broward County lawyer for legal advice. Your attorney can provide you with guidance and information regarding legal research. Also, if you will need to appear in court for a hearing, your lawyer can represent you during those processes as well.