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What Is the Divorce Process?

Divorce is one of a few processes in which a marriage can be legally terminated. In some cases, the process of divorce can begin well before any legal action begins. For instance, some cases of marital separation are actually the beginning phases of a process that ultimately ends in divorce.

Ultimately, a divorce means that the couple’s marriage is terminated. This can result in several other effects, such as changes in property ownership, child custody, and other matters. Divorce laws are different in each state, and each case may be different depending on how long the couple has been married.

What Are Some Main Steps in the Divorce Process?

Legally speaking, there are a few key phases in the divorce process to consider. These include:

In many cases, the divorce decree can later be amended or modified if there are "changed circumstances" with either party. This will often require more hearings to determine the status of the changes.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with the Divorce Process?

The divorce process can sometimes be very involved and can take some time to fully complete. You may need to hire a lawyer if you need help filing for divorce. Your attorney can assist you with the process from beginning to end. Also, if there are still issues to be worked out as time goes on, your attorney can provide legal advice when modifying or adjusting a court order.

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