Divorce is a legal proceeding to permanently dissolve a marriage. The type of divorce a couple can obtain depends on whether one spouse was at fault for the marriage ending or not. However, having a divorce checklist will help spouses regardless of which type of divorce they obtain.

What Is a Divorce Checklist?

A divorce checklist is a to-do list to ensure every issue is settled and all necessary information is gathered.

What Relevant Personal Information Should be on the Checklist?

The information that should be listed on the checklist includes: 

  • The name, birth date, occupation, education, degrees earned, and Social Security number of each spouse
  • Birth dates and names of any children
  • Place and date of marriage
  • Grounds for divorce
  • Divorce lawyer information

What Financial Information Should be on the List?

Each spouse wants to have on their list: 

  • Life, disability, health insurance policies
  • Income of each spouse
  • Each spouse’s assets and joint assets
  • Any financial liabilities
  • Expenses for each spouse
  • Credit reports for each spouse

Should I Include Information about a Property Settlement?

Yes. In this section of the checklist, a spouse wants to include information about a prenuptial agreement, tax breaks for specific assets, any community property, and loans. A spouse also wants to list any assets of valuable and information on any family business.

Include a separate section for the marital home. List things such as:

  • Plans for the home like will it be part of the divorce settlement or sold
  • Any necessary improvements
  • Mortgage payments
  • Any taxes that are owed on the property

Do I Need to Include Alimony and Child Support on the Checklist?

Yes, it is vital to have both alimony and child support on the checklist. Each spouse should have information about the physical and legal custody of any children, child support, alimony, and child visitation.

What Other Categories Should I Put on My List?

Categories such as retirement planning, tax planning, and “other” should be on the list. The latter should include miscellaneous items like trust information, budgeting, and needed credit repair.

Will a Divorce Attorney Help Me with a Divorce Checklist?

Yes, a divorce lawyer will help create a checklist depending on your particular circumstances. A lawyer will also guide you through each step in the divorce process.