Flammable clothing is clothing that does not meet federal safety standards for fire and burn ratings. Some clothes may be more susceptible to catching fire than others, such as:

  • Clothing treated with chemicals
  • Wool clothing
  • Silk clothing
  • Various types of pajamas
  • Scarfs and other accessories that swing away from the body
  • Clothing made of plastic and other materials (especially costumes and costume accessories)

Federal standards may vary according to the type of clothing as well as the intended use of the clothing. Clothes that do not meet standards are typically subject to a product recall.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Flammable Clothing Injuries?

Various parties can be held liable for flammable clothing injuries. These may include:

  • Store owners for knowingly selling dangerous clothing products, or for refusing to pull dangerous products from their shelves
  • Manufacturers of flammable clothing products

Flammable clothing claims can be based on various legal theories. For instance, a manufacturer might be held liable for a design defect, if a product is designed defectively, making it more susceptible to catching fire. Or, they can be held liable for a warning defect, wherein a product does not have sufficient warnings regarding flame and fire risks. This is a common issue with many children’s costume products.

Are There Any Legal Remedies for Flammable Clothing Injuries?

Injuries caused by clothing can be serious. They can result in serious burns, disfigurement, or even fatalities. Flammable clothing injury lawsuits may result in a legal damages award. These are intended to compensate the victim for losses such as medical costs, hospital bills, and other losses like lost wages.

As mentioned, many hazardous clothing items will likely be subject to recall when the issue is discovered. In some cases, a class action suit may result where a large number of consumers has been injured.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Assistance with a Flammable Clothing Lawsuit?

Flammable clothing injuries may often result in legal action. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer in your area for assistance with a flammable clothing lawsuit. Your attorney can provide you with legal research and advice for your claim. Also, if you need to make an appearance in court for a meeting or hearing, your attorney can represent you during those important times as well.