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"The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul." - Psalm 19

From our homepage, you may already know that LegalMatch has an extensive database of pre-screened lawyers who specialize in many areas, including real estate, personal injury, employment, bankruptcy, criminal defense, estate planning, and family law. What you might not know, is that a good number of these lawyers are also devout Christians.

LegalMatch recognizes the importance of matching clients and lawyers who share the same fundamental beliefs and morals. LegalMatch will locate a reputable, Christian attorney who can guide and protect you in the face of legal challenges, and whose strategies and practices are aligned with your faith. By choosing one of our Christian attorneys to represent you, you will not need to compromise your ethics or high standards of decency to resolve your case successfully.

There are a number of Christian legal organizations dedicated to helping defend First Amendment rights and the sanctity of life. For example, the Alliance Defense Fund recently convinced a federal court to overturn a local ordinance that restricted a man's ability to distribute Christian literature on the door handles of his neighbors' houses.

While organizations such as the Alliance Defense Fund, the Christian Law Association, and the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) may be able to help you if your case involves First Amendment or right to life issues, private Christian attorneys are usually the most appropriate resource for individuals seeking help with personal legal issues, such as adoptions, personal injury claims, or drafting wills and trusts.

To get started, simply complete our confidential intake survey, making sure to specify that you would like a Christian attorney to represent you. In turn, LegalMatch will select from its database those Christian attorneys who are best qualified to handle your case. Next, the attorneys who are interested in taking on your case will respond, specifying their experience, fee structure, and specific religious denomination. Finally, you will choose amongst those attorneys, based on their personal responses, as well as LegalMatch's attorney profiles, which detail each attorney's practice areas, client ratings, and other vital information.

Typical Educational Background of a LegalMatch Christian Attorney

LegalMatch's profiles also detail each attorney's educational background, and specify whether an attorney was trained at a Christian law school, such as Trinity Law or Regent University. At Christian law schools, students are trained by professors who emphasize fundamental and enduring truths, and students leave prepared to practice with honor and dignity.

Highly Rated Lawyers at LegalMatch

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LegalMatch Employment and Labor Lawyer Richard V.

Richard V. San Francisco, CA

Employment & Labor Law

Rating (8 users): *****
LegalMatch Family Attorney Mitchell M.

Mitchell M. Cherry Hill, NJ

Family Law

Rating (21 users): *****
LegalMatch Family Law Attorney Brigida R.

Brigida R. Dallas, TX

Family Law

Rating (5 users): *****
LegalMatch Criminal Lawyer Shazam K.

Shazam K. Denver, CO

Criminal Defense Law

Rating (16 users): *****
LegalMatch Family Lawyer Deborah B.

Deborah B. Lansing, MI

Family Law

Rating (29 users): ****