Dangerous pet products are products intended for use with pets that present risks of harm or injury to either the pet or to humans as well. These can include various items include soaps, sprays, powders, food, toys, harnesses, and other products. These can affect many types of animals, though typically cats and dogs are the subject of dangerous pet product claims. Injuries can include:

  • Choking or neck injuries (for instance, from collars or harnesses)
  • Adverse reactions from flea and tick powders or sprays
  • Poisoning or other reactions from exposure to chemicals

Injuries to pets can range from skin rashes to gastrointestinal symptoms, tremors, seizure, and in some cases, death. Similar injuries or conditions can result in humans as well as a result of exposure to such products, especially if there is a defect with the product.

Who Can be Held Liable for a Dangerous Pet Product Injury?

Various parties can be found liable for injuries to pets or humans due to a dangerous product. This can include:

  • Manufacturers of pet products, especially where there is a product defect or product liability issue (for instance, the concentration of chemicals is too strong or if there is a choke hazard associated with the product)
  • Persons in charge of pets who were negligent in the use of the pet product (for instance a veterinarian, groomer, or handler). It is usually necessary to prove that the person knew or should have known of the risk of danger, yet proceeded to use the product with the pet, resulting in injury

In some cases, distributors of pet products may be held liable for an injury, especially if there was a recall or ban on the product and they knowingly continued to sell or distribute the item.

Are There any Legal Remedies for Dangerous Pet Product Issues?

Injuries or pet deaths caused by a dangerous pet product may require legal action to fully resolve legal issues. In most lawsuits, the affected party may be compensated through a monetary damages award. Calculation of the award amount will depend on various factors, including: the type and severity of the injury; the breed and size of the animal; whether the animal had any pre-existing conditions, and other factors. Compensation may cover costs such as reimbursement for veterinary treatment, damages for emotional distress, and if a death is involved, compensation for the value of the pet.

In cases where many pets are affected or threatened by the dangerous pet product, other measures may be enforced, such as a product recall or a ban on the use of the product.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Dangerous Pet Product Lawsuit?

Pet injury or death lawsuits can be complex and typically require the assistance of a lawyer. You may wish to hire a personal injury lawyer attorney in your area if you need legal guidance or representation for your claim. Your attorney can provide you with advice and research during the process.