Diving computers are electronic devices that assist divers with readings such as depth, pressure, oxygen tank capacity, and other vital information. In the past electronic diving gear and computers may have been bulky and sometimes stored on the boat. Modern diving computers are now much more compact and can often be worn on the wrist like a watch. However, they can still be prone to malfunction, especially in situations where the water pressure is very high or in instances where visibility may be an issue.

Thus, diving computer-related accidents can pose great risk of injury to professional and amateur divers. For instance, a malfunction can compromise the diver’s ability to calculate their remaining oxygen levels or other important readings. Injuries and accidents can include decompression sickness, lung damage, brain damage, and in some cases, drowning and death.

Who Can be Held Liable for a Diving Computer-Related Accident?

In most cases, a diving computer malfunction may be the result of a defective product. This can result from a manufacturing defect (where there is something wrong with the way that the equipment was constructed) or a design defect (there was something wrong with the product’s design). Also, defects can be related to inadequate warning labels or warning information.

In such cases, liability for a diving computer malfunction that causes injury or death may be attributed to the manufacturer or producer of the equipment. This can cause the product to be recalled from production and retail.

Are There any Legal Remedies for a Diving Computer Accident Claim?

Diving related accidents can be very serious, and may lead to legal action. In such lawsuits, a monetary damages award may be issued to the injured party. This can cover losses such as hospital bills and medical expenses; some cases also cover other losses such as lost wages.

In cases involving wrongful death, the survivors of the plaintiff may also receive compensation for costs associated with loss of companionship, funeral costs, and other expenses. Some defective product suits are filed as class action suits, especially if many persons have all been injured or affected in the same manner by the same product.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance with a Defective Diving Computer Lawsuit?

It may be in your best interests to hire a personal injury attorney in your area if you or someone you know has been adversely affected by a defective diving computer. Your attorney can represent you and can help guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit.