Criminal Defenses for Immigrants

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What Are Some Criminal Defenses for Immigrants?

For an immigrant, facing charges can present serious legal difficulties.  Generally speaking, the main concern is whether the immigrant will face removal (deportation) as a result of the criminal charges.  In some cases, a criminal defense may be available for the immigrant, as criminal and immigration laws tend to overlap.  Some possible defenses for immigrants can include:

Also, it’s important to understand how pleading can affect an immigrant’s chances of being deported.  In an immigration context, pleading “no contest” can sometimes be considered an admission of guilt.  Therefore an immigrant who pleads no contest to criminal charges can possibly face immediate deportation.  Thus, it may be necessary to consult with an immigration or criminal lawyer for assistance with defenses and pleadings.   

Are There Any Other Options for Immigrants Facing Removal?

Besides standard criminal defenses, an immigrant who is facing criminal charges may have other options available to help them prevent removal.  These can include:

Should I Contact a Lawyer for Help With Criminal Defenses for Immigrants?

Immigration and criminal laws are often subject to frequent change, especially with regards to removal and deportation.  If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges it’s to your advantage to hire a qualified immigration lawyer in your area.  Experienced immigration attorneys have knowledge of both immigration and criminal laws.  Your lawyer can assist you in raising a defense against removal or other immigration consequences.

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