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What is Detained Alien?

If an alien you know was detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), you may have the opportunity to secure their release by posting a bond.

What Is a Bond?

A bond is a contractual agreement between the person posting the bond and ICE. The purpose of the bond is to release the alien from detention and provide ICE with a way to ensure the alien will return for a hearing, interview or deportation. There are two types of bonds:

How Do I Post a Bond?

Once ICE decides the alien is eligible for a delivery or departure bond you may post a cash or surety bond.

When you submit the bond at the ICE office you will be required to provide information about yourself including your social security number and address.

Can I Lower the Amount of the Bond?

Within 30 days of ICE's bond determination, you may appeal the bond amount or conditions of the bond.

How Do I Receive a Refund for My Bond?

When the bond is cancelled, ICE will contact you and instruct you to apply for a refund of the principal and interest.

What Happens if the Alien Does Not Appear?

If the alien fails to appear for a hearing, interview or deportation, the person or company who posted the bail is considered to have breached the contract. The person or company may lose the money or collateral used to post the bond. Interest on a cash bond will be refunded.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Post a Bond for a Detained Alien?

Posting a bond for a friend or loved one may be a financial burden. An immigration attorney can help prepare an appeal of a bond's amount or conditions. If you are experiencing difficulties receiving a refund of your bond, or interest on the principal, an immigration lawyer can help submit a claim and get you the money you are entitled to.

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