Consumer Rights in Home Purchases

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What are Consumer Rights in Home Purchases?

Consumer rights in home purchases provide important protections for the buyer.  Without these rights, home purchasers may be exposed to various risks and uncertainties regarding the property.  Thus, consumer laws protect those interested in purchasing a residence, and require sellers to follow certain standards. 

The rights of consumers in a home purchase may vary widely from region to region.  However, when purchasing a home, most laws grant consumers the right to:

Again, these rights and protections can vary from state to state- be sure to inquire with an attorney if you have any inquiries regarding a specific consumer right. 

What are Some Rights of Mortgage Borrowers?

Nearly all home purchasers take out a mortgage loan when buying residential property.  Mortgage borrowers are also provided with a number of consumer rights and protections.  Again, these may also vary by state, but they generally include the right to:

What if My Consumer Rights as a Purchaser Have Been Violated?

Violations of consumer rights can lead to legal consequences for the seller.  For example, if the seller refuses to provide copies of signed documents, it can greatly hinder the transaction process and may even expose the seller to legal liabilities.  If you believe that any of your consumer rights have been violated, you should take the following steps:

These steps can help you be prepared in case you need to file a lawsuit in a court of law.  Many of the items that you compile may be useful as evidence during court proceedings.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With Consumer Rights in a Home Purchase?

Home purchases are very complex and involved transactions that require the assistance of professionals.  When purchasing a home, it’s in your best interest to hire a real estate lawyer for advice.  Your lawyer can go over the various documents with you and can ensure that your rights aren’t being violated.  In the event of a legal issue or dispute, your attorney will be able to represent you in court. 

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