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What are the Factors to Consider When Thinking about Home Ownership?

There are several benefits to home ownership you will want to consider when deciding whether to purchase a home:

Home ownership is riskier than the stock market in regards to long-term returns. However, mortgage interest and real estate taxes are deductible on your tax return. The tax deduction to home owners is only available if the home owner pays more interest than a standard deduction.

Increases in home value and a smaller mortgage payment leads to equity building.

While you rent, the landlord is generally responsible for all repairs. However, once the place is yours, the repairs become your responsibility. You should make sure you have money available after the purchase just in case.

Those considering home ownership will want to make sure they have secure employment. If you wind up short on funds due to lack of employment and have to sell after a short period of ownership, your investment will most likely be worthless.

Alternatives to Buying and Renting
There are a few good alternatives to outright purchasing a home or renting a home:

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