It is possible to sell your home without going through a real estate agent.  However, you should keep in mind it may take more time and energy to do so. You will not automatically have the resources given to you by a real estate agent such as knowledge of all the state laws that pertain to selling your home, as well as a wide network of potential buyers and other sellers. 

First, you should check with your state’s department of real estate to find out what legal requirements you must fulfill when selling your home. You must know who is supposed to sign which contracts and other documents, who has permission to go through with the actual transaction, and what your possible solutions are when hindrances or conflicts come up during the transfer of ownership.

You will also have to educate yourself in the basic details of selling a house when you do it yourself, such as what is a reasonable asking price, how to negotiate the price, and how to close the deal.  You will also have to know where to look for potential buyers, though this process is becoming easier with the expansion of the Internet, since there are now some websites dedicated solely to networking sellers and buyers for people who are selling their house themselves.

Can I Use a Real Estate Agent in a Limited Capacity?

You can still do most of the work yourself for selling your house but still use a real estate agent for some of the more complex stuff. Your real estate agent can help you set a price on your house, as well as establish a network for you so that buyers are aware of your home for sale.  Real estate agents can also help with some of the complex legal forms.

Seeking Legal Help

If you feel pretty comfortable with most aspects of selling your house and just need some help with some of the more complex tasks such as filing proper legal forms, writing contracts, and understanding any state regulations that apply, you may want to consult a real estate attorney. Your attorney will work with you and make sure you are complying with state law, as well as make sure your interests are represented in all of your contracts and legal forms.