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What Is an Electronic Skateboard?

An electronic skateboard is a motorized skateboard. It looks very similar to a standard skateboard, which means that it does not have handles. The skateboard is powered by a lithium battery and works by the rider leaning in to move the skateboard forward and balancing.

Can an Electronic Skateboard Cause Injuries?

Electronic skateboards have been known to cause serious injuries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported numerous emergency room visits caused by these skateboards. Operating an electronic skateboard requires the individual to use their abdominal muscles to move it around. Someone with weak abdominal muscles is at risk of falling off the skateboard while attempting to use it.

What Injuries May Be Caused by an Electronic Skateboard?

The most common injuries linked to electronic skateboards are:

Can I Sue for Injuries Caused by an Electronic Skateboard?

Whether an individual can sue for injuries caused by an electronic skateboard depends on the circumstances involving the accident. For example, the injured person may sue the manufacturer of the electronic skateboard if it was defective. They can also sue if another individual operating an electronic skateboard injured them while negligently using the skateboard.

What Is a Defective Product?

A defective product is any product causing injury to someone based on a:

A plaintiff can recover damages in a defective product lawsuit if they can prove:

Should I Talk to a Lawyer about the Injuries Caused by an Electronic Skateboard?

Being injured by a defective product is a scary experience, and it can lead to significant costs when one considers the potential medical bills and lost wages such an injury can incur. Contact a personal injury lawyer about your legal rights to sue for damages related to an electronic skateboard injury.

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