Takata Airbag Lawsuits

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Takata Airbag Lawsuits

Airbags are fabric devices that with air during an auto collision to cushion drivers and passengers from injuries. Sometimes, the airbags can cause injuries instead of preventing them, especially if the airbags are defective. Common airbag injuries can be relatively minor or quite serious, and they range from minor facial bruises to death.

Is There Anything Wrong with the Takata Airbag?

In May of 2015, Honda, the Japanese automaker, recalled 4.89 million cars equipped with Takata brand airbags because the airbags were defective. The automaker noticed there was a problem with the chemical mix used in the airbags about 10 years ago. At extreme temperatures, airbags that contain the mixture can explode.

What Is a Recall?

A recall is a request for consumers to stop using or return the product because there is some kind of defect with the product. The recall can be a request from a government agency or manufacturer.

Have Takata Airbags Caused Any Deaths?

Yes. As of May 2015, the airbag has caused at least five deaths.

What Makes an Airbag Defective?

A defective airbag is an airbag that causes injuries because of the way it was manufactured, designed, or installed. Examples of a defective airbag include:

Can I Sue Honda for Manufacturing a Car with a Defective Takata Airbag?

Yes. A Takata airbag lawsuit usually focuses on suing the manufacturer for placing the airbags on the market, including the car manufacturer that chose to place Takata airbags in their cars. According to the product liability legal theory, a consumer can sue the manufacturer of the product, if there was a:

How Can I File a Takata Airbag Lawsuit?

If you feel the need to sue because your life has been placed at risk by owning a car with Takata airbags, contact a personal injury lawyer regarding the airbag lawsuit. A lawyer can explain your legal options and file the lawsuit on your behalf.

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