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About Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma and the county seat of Oklahoma County. Oklahoma City is also the largest city in Oklahoma, extending into Canadian, Cleveland, and Pottawatomie counties. Additionally, Oklahoma City is the 31st most populated city in the U.S., with an estimated 547,274 residents.  

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The economy of Oklahoma City, originally based on government and energy exploration, has expanded into the information technology, health services and administration sectors. In fact, two Fortune 500 companies, Devon Energy and Chesapeake Energy, are based in Oklahoma City, and according to a 2008 Forbes Magazine report, Oklahoma City is the most “recession proof city in America.” 

In the News: Recently, an Oklahoma State research study found that Oklahoma’s commercial banks are more stable than most U.S. financial institutions. According to the study, the nation’s shaky economy is affecting Oklahoma banks, yet they are performing stronger than the national average. For example, the percentage of unprofitable Oklahoma banks rose from 2.35% in the second quarter of last year to 4.76% this year; nonetheless, this percentage pales in comparison to the nationwide average of nearly 16%. 

Information About Getting Legal Assistance in Oklahoma City

With so much economic activity in Oklahoma City, it is not surprising that almost 53,000 lawyers practice here, many of whom belong to the Oklahoma Bar Association and the Oklahoma County Bar Association. Many Oklahoma City lawyers also have offices in the nearby city of Tulsa and work alongside Tulsa lawyers.

Lawyers in Oklahoma City practice law in a number of areas, including divorce law, bankruptcy law, real estate law, and criminal defense law

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Most cases that are heard in Oklahoma City is in the District Court of Oklahoma. There is a District Court for each of the 26 judicial districts of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. The following resources contain more information about Oklahoma City’s legal procedures and practice: 

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