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Learn More About Edmond, OK

Edmond was named the “Best Small Town” by Universal Publications of New York and hosts annual festivals and Christmas light contests. Edmond is home to many golf courses, bowling alleys, as well as the Lions Fun Park.

Edmond has many highly regarded lawyers who can assist you with your case. Edmond lawyers regularly deal with a variety of legal issues, including immigration, child support, alimony, business disputes, and wrongful terminations, among others. 

Recently in Edmond, Eateries Inc. filed a lawsuit against one of its suppliers. The J.R. Simplot Company, forced by a 2-1 decision, will pay the Edmond restaurant chain conglomerate Eateries Incorporated $8.2 million in damages for selling contaminated food.

If you are filing for divorce in Edmond, you should file with the Oklahoma County Seventh Judicial District Court which handles family, civil, most criminal, probate, and small claims cases. The Edmond Municipal Court retains jurisdiction over ordinances and citations issued in Edmond. Regardless of where your case needs to be filed, LegalMatch’s selection of bar certified lawyers in Edmond can assist you through the process.

LegalMatch not only provides a great selection of bar certified lawyers, but also supplies a number of legal resources to aid with preliminary research. The LegalCenter’s Forums section covers virtually every legal topic and allows you to post questions online and receive real-time answers.

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