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Learn More About Oklahoma

Oklahoma is home to over 12,000 lawyers. Oklahoma attorneys are licensed to practice in the Oklahoma Supreme Court, Courts of Criminal and Civil Appeals, and Oklahoma district courts. There is one district court for each of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. Unlike other states, the Oklahoma Supreme Court is the court of last resort only for civil matters. Criminal matters cannot proceed farther than Oklahoma’s Court of Criminal Appeals.

Oklahoma is home to a large number of Native American tribes and Tribal courts. These courts are sovereign bodies holding authority over members of the tribe and acting autonomously from Oklahoma state authorities. There are approximately 50 different tribes in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma was also the site of the worst terrorist attacks prior to September 11th. The trial of Timothy McVeigh began in federal court in the Western District of Oklahoma, but was moved to Colorado on defendant’s motion. Timothy McVeigh was eventually convicted and sentenced to death.

Like every state, Oklahoma has its share of unique laws. Until 2006, tattoos in Oklahoma were illegal. Sex before marriage is still technically illegal in Oklahoma, and in the town of Bartlesville, OK, no one may own more than two adult cats.

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Of course, Oklahoma also has plenty laws in common with other states. Oklahoma is not a community property state, and allows a no fault divorce. Oklahoma also has liberal gun control laws. Permits are only required to carry handguns, and there is no state waiting period to purchase firearms. Residents can freely carry rifles and shotguns in their cars and there are no registration requirements for ownership.

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