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Learn More About Jenks, OK

Jenks is home to the only freestanding aquarium in Okalahoma which boasts a 500,000 gallon shark tank and tunnel which allows visitors to walk among the lurking sharks. Okalahoma Aquarium in Jenks is host to a half-million annual visitors who also frequent the Riverwalk Crossing and its adjoining shops just across the Arkansas River. Jenks is part of the Tulsa Metropolitan Area and is home to some of the most qualified lawyers in all of Tulsa County as well as the residences of many Tulsa lawyers.

Lawyers in Jenks are familiar with the Tulsa County legal system and its intricacies. Jenks lawyers specialize in immigration, wrongful termination, employment law, real estate, and probate matters. Lawyers in Jenks can also assist you with any other legal issue that you may be facing.

Recently in Tulsa County, lawyers have been fighting for the nearly $1 billion lawsuit that the Jenks, Western Heights, and Foyil School Districts filed against the Oklahoma Education Association. The school districts cited a lack of funding as the reason for the suit and said that the prescribed education outlined by the Oklahoma Education Association could not be met with the current allocated budget. In response to the filed grievance it seems as an imminent change in the Jenks School District budget is at hand.

If you are facing a legal issue, Jenks lawyers are able to assist you. Since Jenks is in Tulsa County, it is part of the Fourteenth Judicial District and you will likely be filing in the Tulsa County District Court in the city of Tulsa. The Fourteenth Judicial District Court in Tulsa is separated into specialized divisions to handle each type of case including: criminal, civil, family, probate, juvenile, and small claims. Jenks lawyers will assist with filing your case in the correct division of the court and lead you through an oftentimes very confusing process.

The best way to find a dependable Jenks lawyer is LegalMatch will help match you with a bar certified lawyer that specializes in your case while allowing you to view prices and reviews.  Whatever you legal issue, LegalMatch can assist your research and help find the best Jenks lawyer for your particular case.

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