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Learn More About Lawton, OK

Lawton is one of few American cities that can claim it was created over-night. The entire town was the subject of a land auction during the wild homestead days of the American west. The land was instantly bought up and the land-rush began, starting a tumultuous early history that took years to settle.

Today, Lawton is a vibrant urban community of almost 100,000 citizens. It is the county seat of Comanche County.  Per the 2010 census, Lawton’s population consisted of 96,867 people.  Many recognize Lawton because it is near Fort Sill Military Reservation.

Some famous residents of Lawton include Bryan White, Kelly Willis, Leon Russell, N. Scott Momaday, Don Blanding, Stacey King, Michael Ray Richardson, Lauren Nelson, Charles Thompson, Will Shields and Jammal Brown.  In additional to famous residents, Lawton is also home to many learned professionals.  In fact, the legal industry has a strong presence in Lawton.

Lawton lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may have in Lawton. These include: bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury litigation, wills and trusts, and many others.

Attorneys are currently litigating the right of a Native American from Lawton to engage in cock fighting on tribal land. Lawyers are claiming that the federal government does not have the right to enter tribal lands, and therefore cannot regulate cock fighting that may be occurring. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Lawton attorneys are familiar with courts in Comanche County. Comanche County has an elected court clerk, whose duty is oversight of court clerks and ensuring that the court records are adequately maintained. Although any Oklahoma attorney is licensed to practice anywhere in the state, a qualified local Lawton attorney who has been pre-screened by LegalMatcg and who will know the procedural rules of the local courts. Sometimes this knowledge can be the difference between winning and losing your case.

If you need a Lawton lawyer, consider using Our unique attorney client matching service will match you with a local pre-screened Lawton lawyer who will know your rights. Once you decide on an attorney, be confident that you are making the right decision by accessing exclusive background information available only at

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