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Learn More About Tulsa County, OK

Tulsa County, OK is located on the Arkansas River and covers 587 square miles of land that once belonged to the Creek and Cherokee Indians. The county’s name is derived from an old Creek Indian settlement in Alabama, Tulsey town. The county was founded in 1850, and grew as oil was discovered in 1905. Today Tulsa County has an estimated population of 561,000. Attractions in Tulsa County include the Gilcrease Museum, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, and the Oklahoma Aquarium.

There are many qualified Tulsa County lawyers who call this thriving community home. Tulsa County lawyers have experience handling legal issues in the areas of employment, immigration, medical malpractice, real estate, and personal injury, among others.

Local attorneys, including a number of Tulsa lawyers, were recently involved on both sides of a dispute between Tulsa City and Tulsa County. The city of Tulsa had an agreement with the county under which they refrained from paying the county to house its inmates; in exchange, the county was allowed to use city resources for free. However, the agreement expired in 2008, and the county wants the city to help pay for increasing inmate housing costs. The lawsuit is ongoing.

The Oklahoma judicial system is composed of 77 district courts, the Court of Civil Appeals, and two courts of last resort, the Supreme Court (handling civil matters) and the Court of Criminal Appeals (handling criminal matters). Attorneys in Tulsa County may argue their case in the Tulsa County Court or any of the appeals courts. Each court is unique- a local Tulsa County attorney can advise you of any special rules and procedures.

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