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Learn More About Kenton County, KY

Kenton County is the third most populous county in the state of Kentucky. Kenton County’s library system contains the branch with the highest circulation in the entire state. The county also houses the Thomas Moore College, a branch of the Northern Kentucky University, and a campus of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

If you need legal help in Kenton Count, there are many Kenton County lawyers ready to assist you. These attorneys have years of experienced in many legal areas such as personal injury, DUI, tax, divorce, real property, employment discrimination, automobile accidents, criminal defense, alimony, and more.

A Kenton County woman recently filed a lawsuit stemming from a motorcycle accident. The woman was pulled off the side of the road in southern Kenton County because her motorcycle broke down. That is when one of the defendants drove his pickup truck into her, and then drove away, leaving her injured by the side of the road with multiple broke bones. The woman is now suing the driver, the owner of the bar where he had been drinking, and multiple unnamed bartenders who served the man at least six beers before letting him drive home.

If you have a lawsuit that arose in Kenton County, you will most likely have to file your case in the Kenton County Circuit Court. This is a state trial court of general jurisdiction and hears both civil and criminal cases. A local attorney can help you out in this court. is your online tool that you can use to quickly and effectively find a legal representative in Kenton County. We offer you a free online service than can match you to attorneys in your area that have the skills and knowledge needed to represent you in your legal action. While you are at our site, you can also visit our LegalCenter where you will find many articles about popular legal topics as well as helpful hints and tips.

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