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Learn More About Jefferson County, KY

Jefferson County was formed in 1780, and today it is the most heavily populated county in the state, with approximately 713,900 residents. Jefferson County is also the most heavily populated county within the Louisville/Jefferson County, Indiana-Kentucky Metropolitan Statistical Area, and home to a number of Lexington lawyers.
Residents of Jefferson County are served by The Kentucky Court of Justice for Jefferson County, which is part of the 30th Circuit and 30th District.   The Jefferson County court system is comprised of the Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice, the Jefferson County Judicial Center, and the Jefferson County Family Court. A Jefferson County attorney will take your case to the appropriate court in Jefferson County.
Recently, Assistant Jefferson County Attorney Kungu Njuguna resigned from his position after being indicted on felony charges. Njugua is accused of fleeing police officers while driving with a woman on the hood of his car, and faces specific charges of fleeing or evading police, tampering with a witness, and wanton endangerment. Njuguna is also facing charges for violating conditions of a release granted in a previous case by the Jefferson County District Court. is a trusted attorney locator service. By allowing a professional to screen Jefferson County lawyers for you based on your particular needs, you will save time, money and frustration. is always free, and always confidential.
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