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Learn More About Hazard, KY

The inspiration for the fictitious “Hazzard County” of Dukes of Hazard fame, Hazard is a small community in Kentucky named after a famous War of 1812 General from the area.
Although The Lawyers of Hazard may not have the same ring to it, Hazard lawyers can assist you in any legal case you may be facing. These include personal injury litigation, criminal defense, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, and many other legal issues.  Hazard attorneys frequently accept cases through referral from Lexington lawyers.
Lawyers in Hazard are on both sides of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by two Hazard nurses. The nurses allegedly brought food and drinks to picketers of a local hospital, and were subsequently fired. The lawsuit is ongoing in Perry County.
Lawyers in Hazard should be familiar with the Perry County court system and its various divisions. All attorneys in Kentucky are licensed to practice anywhere in the state, but only Hazard attorneys will know the specific laws and procedures of their local courts, in addition to local Hazard judges, court staff, and other Hazard attorneys.
If you need help finding a local Hazard lawyer, let do the leg work for you. Our free service will match you to local pre-screened Hazard attorneys know can handle your case. will also provide you with helpful background information on every attorney, allowing you to make the informed choice in hiring your advocate.
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