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Learn More About Frankfort, KY

Officially the 5th smallest state capital in the country, Frankfort has grown relatively little since its inception in the early 1800’s. Today ,it is a modern small community of over 27,000 and home to several Lexington lawyers.

Frankfort lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal litigation, bankruptcy, personal injury litigation, real estate transactions, and many more.

Lawyers in Frankfort recently settled a wrongful termination suit against the city. A state employee who testified against the former Governor in a grand jury was subsequently fired and called a “she-devil” by her supervisor. She sued under laws protecting whistle-blowers from retaliation by their superiors.  The city of Frankfort agreed to settle the case for $500,000, and to give her a job with the state at a salary of $62,500 a year.

Frankfort attorneys will be familiar with the Franklin County Court system, and courts such as the Franklin County Court of Justice. As the state capital, there are numerous state agencies, courts, and administrative offices in Frankfort. You will want an attorney who knows how to handle your specific issue in the right court for your case.

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