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Learn More About Boone County, KY

Named after Daniel Boone, the famous frontiersman, Boone County is one of the most affluent counties in Kentucky. Rapidly growing and quite diverse, Boone County is a great place to live and raise a family. The residents there enjoy a rewarding environment that has just about everything a person wants and needs—the shopping centers around the corner, the beautiful parks, and the Ohio River shoreline on the northern tip of Boone County.

The Circuit Court in Boone County recently played host to a horrific criminal trial. Former Warren County sheriff’s deputy Michael Moore was tried in the Boone Circuit Court for murdering his parents, Warren and Madge Moore, back in 2009. Although Mr. Moore claimed that he only shot his parents in self-defense, a jury of Boone County residents not only found him guilty of murdering his parents, but also of filing a false police report and tampering with evidence.

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