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Learn More About Covington, KY

Over the past two centuries, the city of Covington has seen its share of ups and downs. Most recently, Covington has been experiencing another string of growth as more businesses locate to the area and buy large buildings to house their companies. In addition, the communities and neighborhoods in Covington are expressing greater interest in taking a larger role in the development of the city by forming organizations that help oversee development and growth of the Covington.
If you need to file a lawsuit, or have been named in a lawsuit in Covington, you should probably seek the advice of one of the many qualified Covington lawyers in the area. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as divorce, child custody, real estate, wills, trusts, estates, personal injury, tax, bankruptcy, and many more.
A group of Covington lawyers recently reached multi-million dollar settlements in several class action lawsuits against multiple insurance companies who overcharged their policyholders for years. The Covington lawyers made the lawsuits under a Kentucky law that allows them to do so. Although most policy holders will likely receive less than $100 each, the lawsuit is a big step forward. The Covington lawyers still have several class action lawsuits pending against other insurance companies and will try to seek justice for more overcharged policy holders.
Covington is served by state trial level courts, either the District or Circuit Court in the 16th Judicial District of Kentucky, and the US District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky also holds session in the federal courthouse in Covington. If you have a case in Covington, you will most likely have to report to one of these courts. If so, having a local attorney by your side can be both comforting and advantageous.
If you need legal representation in Covington, you should visit We offer a unique service that matches your case to lawyers who are suited and interested in taking on your lawsuit. All of the attorneys that we work with are in good standing with the state bar. In addition, you are able to view attorney profiles and read past client reviews before you ever contact any of the attorneys that are matched to you.
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