5 Ways to Win Your Clients Over - Mar 2012

5 Ways to Win Your Clients Over

The competitive nature of the legal business forces everyone to be on top of their game. Lawyers are spending serious money on everything from commercials to web marketing. So, if you’re lucky enough to get a potential client into your office, you better knock it out of the park.

You know as well as I do that there are roughly 2 million other lawyers out there who’d love the case. Here are 5 tips to seal more deals:

  1. Give them something free. That could be anything from your take on their particular need to coffee and doughnuts in the lobby.
  2. Show them how you work.  Giving a potential client a look at how hard you work and your attention to detail will inspire confidence and demonstrate your value.
  3. Provide the full experience. It sounds a little hokey, but most people know little more about the legal profession then what they see on Law & Order.  In these cases, the shelves of law books and a power desk can account for a lot.
  4. Advertise your success. There are a number of ways for you to take this on.  Facebook, Fan Pages, and Yelp.com reviews for your practice can provide a platform for satisfied clients to sound off. Twitter is also exploding with advertising potential.

  5. Encourage word of mouth referrals. If you’re truly passionate about your practice and the cases you take it will be evident to a potential client. Express why you enjoy the cases and encourage people to let their friends know about your services. Word of mouth referrals are the most valuable.

Using Your Free Time to Get Ahead

There’s a never-ending amount of work a lawyer can do for a case and for their legal practice. It also seems that despite your level of dedication, there’s always someone doing more.

Below is a list of things you can do during your free time to keep your business booming and your career on the rise. For your convenience, we’ve arranged them into length of free time:

A Week Free:

  • Write an article for a law journal or website that showcases your expertise.
  • Take on a pro bono case.
  • Attend a business networking event.

A Day Free:

  • Write a detailed business and marketing plan.
  • Sign up for that pesky CLE course.
  • Reassess your current marketing campaigns.

An Hour (or Two) Free:

  • Research your ongoing clients and their industry to understand how you can better help as legal counsel.
  • Actually read one of the legal journals that come every week.
  • Organize your office/desk to identify inconsistencies and streamline business.

The Top Tips for Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics may be the most under utilized marketing tool in any legal office. It gives you all the information about your website’s traffic: who’s visiting, what pages are popular, how people found your website, and countless other useful statistics. Using that information to target a specific audience will increase the likelihood of creating a stream of good cases.

Below are the best things you can be doing to make your website work for you instead of the other way around:

  • Customize your Dashboard. Don’t accept the one size fits all mess of data. Create your own customized dashboard from scratch so you can track the important stuff.
  • Set up custom alerts. A website can tell you a lot about how well a business is doing. Setting up alerts will notify you if a post has gone viral or if you’re experiencing a high bounce rate.
  • Use your table view options. By using table view you can see traffic over specific periods of time (long or short) and even compare them to last year. It’s one of the best ways to see if your new or ongoing marketing efforts are being dealt with wisely.

Getting Great Office Furniture on the Cheap

The aesthetic of your office conveys a lot to potential clients. Law firms are known for having some of the most outlandishly expensive offices. So how do those of us with a budget compete?  We’re resourceful!

Below are some of the best places to score expensive furniture for cheap. That way you won’t have to hold meetings in coffee shops and hear jokes about your legal aid folding tables.

Gilt is one of the hottest sites for internet shoppers. Lucky for you, they also have Gilt Home which offers everything from bookshelves and fireplaces to a $35,000 Partners Desk.

Craigslist is the first place people turn when they want to sell something. Browse the classifieds near you and it’s likely you’ll find a going out of business or estate sale with great items listed.

Arnolds Office Furniture offers a wide variety of furniture (new and used) including desks, cubicles, conference tables, and chairs. Great for anyone who isn’t looking to make a new friend on Craigslist but wants the deals.

CubeKing is a catch-all sight that will absolutely have that weird piece of furniture you’ve been looking for: desks and bookshelves of every size and style.