Attorney Review & Success Story by Steve C.

  • Steve C.
  • Honolulu, HI
  • General Practice
  • LegalMatch delivers cases to me constantly for a relatively low investment.
  • Have been with LegalMatch for almost 12 years.
  • Provides decent leads that are well-vetted.

I like the consistency of LegalMatch. They have leads all the time. Not a day goes by without a new lead coming in.

If You Wants Leads, LegalMatch Is Worth Your Money

I've been practicing since 1980 and I joined LegalMatch in 2008. I thought it would be a good place to acquire leads and the price was reasonable.

LegalMatch continues to give a flow of leads for me over the years. For a relatively low investment, it's delivering cases to me constantly, mostly family law cases and occasionally criminal cases. It’s providing me with some cash flow from those types of cases.

For new attorneys getting a LegalMatch membership, you'll get your money's worth out of it. It's another way to grow your practice, especially if you're starting out. You just need to answer the phone and follow up on the calls. Reach out to the leads and they can reach out to you through LegalMatch.

I answer the requests and then I call up and see what the people are needing. Then we try to schedule an appointment, get together and try to make something happen for them. I'm always proactive about the situation.

LegalMatch Is a Good Investment with Good ROI

LegalMatch does a good job of vetting the people that want to get information and want help in their cases. Then I show my clients I'm resolute. I'm gonna see their case through. I'm gonna have to try to get them a result they're happy with and I'm gonna follow through until the job is done and I try not to cost them an arm and a leg either.

I like the consistency of LegalMatch. They have leads all the time. Not a day goes by without a new lead coming in. In Hawaii, I'm getting all kinds of leads and when I get the whole basket of leads that comes in, I can pick and choose!

The cases during this COVID time are mostly online and I’m doing well because COVID has caused a lot of cases to be more easily settled, especially with criminal law and traffic law. You can actually get more done in one day because you can do several videos in a day. You don't have to be driving all over the Island to get to different courts. You can be in different courts virtually. So it's all working out during this pandemic!

Service Provides Well-Vetted Leads

A lot of the cases that I get from LegalMatch are civil cases and personal disputes over money between people and business. I do know that if I was to take more of the cases that LegalMatch offers, I could probably make a good amount of money out of it.

It pays the investment. It's going to give you a flow of cases.

It's the most beneficial because it can be counted on to deliver leads. The leads are fairly solid, whether they turn into cases or not. The leads are well-vetted. You'll be talking to real people who usually have the problem whether they got the money to afford you or whether they got a situation that you can help them with. It's for real cases as opposed to a lot of the bogus cases that show up with the other lead generating services.

I get enough of what I need out of LegalMatch. I’m getting all the leads over here in Honolulu, Hawaii, and throughout the Hawaiian Island chain. I try to help people with their issues. I try to help them either get out of what they're charged with, get amended or reduced, or get a good plea bargain. I try to get them the best possible outcome.

Other Lead Generation Services Don’t Compare

The main thing that distinguishes LegalMatch is the case intake funnel. It asks potential clients to fill in information before they submit a case. Generally speaking, those people that go through that long battery of questions are going to be for real about needing help. They will answer the phone and they will have something to say whether they turn into a case or not.

As opposed to other lead companies, you just get leads. People don't even answer the phone or they don't even acknowledge sending a lead in. They are completely flaky. You could get 50 leads from certain companies and 49 and a half of them will be no good. That's rarely the case with LegalMatch!

I have been with LegalMatch for almost 12 years and the prices have been reasonably low for me to continue. I'm happy because it gives me decent leads that are well-vetted, also because the leads are always consistently coming in every day. Whether I signed somebody up or not, I'm spinning away for a long time. I think the framework of the website and the way they acquire leads is more legitimate than most lead generating services out there.