Company Overview

LegalMatch was founded in 1999 to provide a free, online platform that helps individuals and small businesses make informed decisions when choosing a lawyer. At the time, there were no other services enabling consumers to review the experience, availability, and fee structure of a lawyer before deciding who to contact.

We pioneered the online legal matching industry more than 20 years ago. Today, with a 9000-page law library and wisdom gained through 6 million case submissions, we help the 1 million visitors who come to our site each month find the right attorney for their legal needs.

LegalMatch is the leader in attorney/client matching services and the best way to find the right lawyer for your legal needs. Powered by a dynamic team with expertise in engineering, law, membership services, marketing, and administration, we operate across all 50 states and have built a comprehensive team of specialists that serve both consumers and the legal profession.

The company is based in Reno, NV with membership offices in San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX.