What Does LegalMatch Cost for Attorneys

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LegalMatch's lead generation service can provide the legal leads you need from people who are committed to their case. Starting at $455 a month*, you can simplify your total marketing strategy and increase your revenue by taking advantage of the features listed below.

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  • Steady Rate of Direct Leads Steady Rate of Direct Leads
  • Practice Area Specific Leads Only Practice Area Specific Leads Only
  • Streamlined Dashboard to Save Time Streamlined Dashboard to Save Time
  • Screen & Respond to Clients Instantly Screen & Respond to Clients Instantly
  • Unlimited Support & Training Unlimited Support & Training
  • Increased Lead Quality & Focused Clients Increased Lead Quality & Focused Clients
  • Increased Revenue & Location Availability Increased Revenue & Location Availability
  • Detailed Case Intake with Lead Filtering Detailed Case Intake with Lead Filtering
  • Integrative Calendaring System Integrative Calendaring System
  • A Dedicated Account Manager A Dedicated Account Manager

LegalMatch memberships start at just $455 per month*. Each membership is customized around the specific practice area(s) and location(s) you choose.

"For new attorneys or those thinking about a LegalMatch membership, the first thing I would say is that the return on investment is almost immediate and continuous" Sean N., Criminal Law, Reno, NV

Wondering why we can't just send you a price list or quote exact costs without you scheduling a demo? Because LegalMatch memberships are not one-size-fits all. Each membership package is unique to your business. This isn't about being mysterious or secretive. We don't insist on a conversation in order to pitch you with hard selling tactics. It's about due diligence.

Before we allow you to join LegalMatch, we take the time to consult with you and look with you at actual, real-time cases coming through our platform in the practice area(s) and location(s) you are considering for your membership. We show you how our legal lead intake works, and make sure the leads are a good fit to grow your business. You will have a guest pass to preview all the case details in the location(s) and practice area(s) you are interested in for a full 7 days.

Clarke W. of Irving, TX cut his marketing overhead by 80% when he joined LegalMatch and says,

“On a monthly basis, I get 10 or 12 times return on investment.”

During your demo, we'll make sure our team and yours take the necessary steps to determine whether your initial marketing strategy really makes sense for your business development goals. And if it doesn't, we work together to explore whether other locations and/or practice areas could be a better fit for the results you want. Sometimes the specific combination of location(s) and practice area(s) you want to target are already sold out. Sometimes we can work together to customize something that meets your budget and/or specific practice specialty better. Memberships can be very customized.

Several LegalMatch member attorneys enjoy the benefits of multiple practice areas and/or expand their membership to multiple locations, which increases the cost of their membership but also increases their return on investment. For example, Robert C., started with a family law membership and expanded into wills, trusts and estate law. He says:

"LegalMatch made my firm more successful because it has generated good revenues and profit margins. It has given us a lot of exposure into the industry that we practice in and also for probate and estate planning." Robert C., San Diego, CA

Here are a few more success stories from happy LegalMatch member attorneys:

“I’m an MBA and I’m always gonna go back to the ROI. For the price that we pay, it returns a good investment.”

Christopher F., Family Law, Saint Petersburg, FL

“My membership with LegalMatch doesn’t even cost more than $700 bucks a month...I'm easily pulling in at least $10,000 a month from the leads that LegalMatch provides.”

Stephan M., Criminal Law, Cincinnati, OH

“the conversion rate compared to the investment is very high”

Cristina C., Immigration Law, Springfield, MA

“at least 30% of my clients come from LegalMatch”

Gavin C., Family Law, Avondale, AZ

“LegalMatch prevented COVID-19 from shutting me down and in fact has made me more successful than ever.”

Carmelo C., Entertainment, Media, and Sports Law, Evergreen Park, IL

“The LegalMatch lead generating system is the only one I have, and the only one I trust and respect for what it does.”

Daniel G., Employment and Labor Law, New York, NY

“Not a day goes by without a new lead coming in.”

Steve C., General Practice, Honolulu, HI

“I calculated my return on investment and this year it's in the ballpark of five to one or six to one. In other words, I get a return of five or six dollars for every dollar I invest in LegalMatch.

Doug N., Estate Law, Chicago, IL

So ask yourself:

  • If you had a machine that gave back $5 each time you put $1 into it, how many dollars would you spend?
  • Is it time for you to grow your clientele?
  • Why not schedule a demonstration today to see how LegalMatch can help you grow your clientele and expand your legal practice?

Schedule your demo today and let our sales team demonstrate how LegalMatch works and customize a membership package that can help you experience the kind of successful outcomes our member attorneys are raving about, like these:

“When I talk about cost benefit analysis compared to other lead generating systems that are out there, being with LegalMatch for 10 years has to say something.”

David Z. Family Law, New York, NY

“I've worked with two other lead generating systems, and I can say that LegalMatch is five-star compared to the other referral services.”

Cynthia B., Family Law, Nashville, TN

“I have handled various cases from LegalMatch and in the past six years and we’ve settled multiple cases, one for about 900,000 dollars and another for about 400,000 dollars...I’ll definitely say that LegalMatch is a good investment!”

Matthew C., Employment and Labor Law, Detroit, MI

“My strategy has worked so well that I was able to take a European vacation on LegalMatch profits alone - profits that were over ten times my initial investment.”

David L., Estate Law, Chicago, IL

“I retained my first client within the first couple of months using the service. I credit LegalMatch with my success and consider the service a cornerstone of my practice.”

Gregory A., Criminal Law, Rockville, MD

“You'll see the ROI within the first 90 days easily. You get that first couple of clients and it's going to pay for itself.”

Erika K., Family Law, Moundville, AL

To see the full list of features our service has to offer, please see our Features page for more details. Our Legal Marketing Services Comparison page also displays how LegalMatch compares to the top competition.

*in select markets