Marketing Solutions for Law Practices

Steady Caseflow with LegalMatch

LegalMatch Member Attorneys see a continuous flow of cases stream across their virtual desktops — every day, every week, every month. When we become your marketing partner, we do all the "heavy lifting." That means we combine economies of scale with leading-edge Internet marketing strategies and techniques. These include geographic targeting, paid search marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, affinity partnerships, and tried-and-true traditional marketing in print and outdoor displays. We are the premier marketing partner providing Law Practice Marketing Services for the solo and small firm attorney.

Here's what current LegalMatch Member Attorneys say about our marketing prowess:

I joined LegalMatch because I needed a way to attract clients outside my local area. There are too many family law attorneys in my town. And, if I used the phone book to cover the same mile-radius that I get with LegalMatch, I'd have to pay about $10,000 a month! Andrea W. - West Florida, Family & Bankruptcy Law

The clients generated through LegalMatch provide me a unique set of advantages, mainly because so much of the initial work is done quickly and easily via the internet. Eric S. - New York City, Family Law

I first thought of LegalMatch as a possible way of getting a client or two. I quickly found out that it is a great source of clients. These are clients who have a need and are looking for assistance. Rick M. - San Diego, Family Law

Focused Clients with LegalMatch

Wouldn't you rather see cases that fit your preferred area of practice? LegalMatch allows you to see cases in as wide or narrow an area as you want — you're able to screen cases before you meet clients. Read how this works for our Member Attorneys:

LegalMatch's detailed client intake process is instrumental in giving me an understanding of each client's specific situation before I meet the client face to face. Jerome S. - Dallas, Family Law

Legal Match has allowed me to begin specializing in the area I want to practice right away, without having to take cases in practice areas I am not interested in. The fact that I am doing what I want to do makes me passionate in my work, ergo -- successful! Tina D. - Bridgeport, CT, Criminal Law

I've have great success engaging new LegalMatch clients not only locally, but from all over the nation, and even a few from outside the United States. Rick M. - San Diego, Family Law

Saved Time with LegalMatch

How many hours do you and your staff waste interacting with potential clients who really have no potential? LegalMatch delivers a steady flow of cases whose viability you can assess at your convenience. Here's what current LegalMatch Member Attorneys say about us:

I like the ability to pre-screen clients and that I'm given the option of whether or not to meet with a prospective client. Christopher R. - Southern California, PI, Criminal Law

Being able to view cases beforehand on LegalMatch allows me to accomplish most of this process in advance and then when I actually do meet the client, I feel that much more prepared. Fred R. - Los Angeles, Business Litigation

LegalMatch is especially helpful in that it allows fee structures to be clearly understood up-front, so there are no surprises to either party when a client comes in. Alan G. - New York City, PI, Real Estate

Increased Revenue with LegalMatch

Saving time and working productively in your area of law are powerful benefits to your bottom line. With potential clients streaming across your virtual desktop, you can reduce or eliminate costly, inefficient client acquisition methods and raise revenue doing what you do best, as our Member Attorneys attest:

Small firms first and foremost have the problem of survival. Overhead costs are high and there's a lot of competition. It's nice to know that LegalMatch is there to provide a steady influx of clients. Diana M. - San Francisco, Criminal Law

I've retained at least ten LegalMatch cases so far," says Roxanne, "and I'd estimate that roughly half of my practice is a result of my connection to LegalMatch. Roxanne M. - Sacramento, Family Law

I've easily surpassed my original investment in each of the last two years. Matt K. - Pittsburgh, Medical Malpractice, PI