Attorney Review & Success Story by David Z.

  • David Z.
  • New York, NY
  • Family Law
  • Receive 1 lead a day.
  • Can still connect with people during COVID-19.
  • Have been with LegalMatch for more than 10 years.

When I talk about cost benefit analysis compared to other lead generating systems that are out there, being with LegalMatch for 10 years has to say something.

LegalMatch Connects Me with Real People Seeing Help

I have been with LegalMatch for more than a decade now and one of the things that I find interesting about it is that it allows prospective clients to give valuable information. I'll have a good idea of what they're going through and how I can help them.

Unfortunately, I can't help some clients, but I'll be able to tell them that. I'll also be able to tell them if there's really no way to make their particular situation better, but we can discuss how we can avoid it becoming worse. LegalMatch gives me that information and in doing that, I am able to help people faster and better.

Helping Clients Even During the Pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic makes it harder for me to see people in person. Through LegalMatch, I can still connect with those people who need help.

During this time, parents going through custodial litigation are dealing with some very novel issues. They're dealing with issues where the court is not there for them and where some parents truly have no place to go. I represent people and I try to help them with some of the most important parts of their life, their children, their assets, or the rest of their life after a divorce.

LegalMatch connects me to those people and allows me to tell them exactly what they can and can't do. And most importantly, what is within the realm of possibility during this time in New York. The courts have been very affected, as everybody knows.

New York state has been very affected by COVID and the courts are not really as available to people as they used to be. However, there are things that can be done, especially when there is an emergency situation. LegalMatch allows it and my office to be there to help people with those kinds of problems.

When somebody reaches out to my office through LegalMatch, they are going to have the ability to tell me what's going on in their life that they need help with and I'll already have some information. I can also get on the phone with them.

We're very committed to our clients and I think that's really important. Again, it all comes down to the fact that we represent individuals and we understand that people going through this process are usually at some of the worst points in their life. I think that we do a very good job of guiding people through this process.

The LegalMatch System is Very Effective with Good ROI

The templates in the LegalMatch system are very effective in contacting clients, especially when there are more than a few people to contact. Using the templates is very helpful in reaching out to people quickly. I use the templates mostly to keep up with the potential clients and to see who's available, who needs help, who we can help and who is ready to get that help.

The average lead that I get from LegalMatch is about one in a day and overall, probably one or two in a month become new clients.

When I talk about cost benefit analysis compared to other lead generating systems that are out there, being with LegalMatch for 10 years has to say something.

My tip I have is to use the system and make sure that you either or someone in your office is checking it regularly so that as soon as the lead comes in, you can contact them right away.

One of the most important things about getting to the leads is getting to them quickly. Make sure that you have the systems in your office in place to take advantage of it. Make sure that you have enough time to follow up with every lead, or that if you don't, there's somebody in your office who does.

Like any other system, you also need to use it and work the system. Follow up with the leads or get the leads to contact. Give them enough of your time for them to understand that you're the best person for them. This way, LegalMatch will definitely work for you.