Attorney Review & Success Story by Mark M.

  • Mark M.
  • Tulsa, OK
  • General Practice
  • I don't have to go out and solicit clients.
  • Can get up to 5 leads in a month.
  • A LegalMatch member for 9 years.

Besides LegalMatch, I don't use other lead generating systems.

A LegalMatch Membership Helps Bring In More Clients

I practice general civil litigation. Most of my practice encompasses the domestic areas of law. However, I also work on cases involving medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury, and probate.

I joined LegalMatch because I needed additional clients and LegalMatch has helped me with this need. I have been a LegalMatch member for 9 years. For another attorney thinking about a LegalMatch membership, the need might be for additional clients or just a means of a regular connection to clients.

For those new to LegalMatch, you need to answer all the case postings and follow up immediately on the ones that you're interested in getting into your office. What I like best about LegalMatch is that I don't have to go out and solicit clients, instead clients just come to you.

I use the templates that are provided by the system and customize them. I also use the LegalMatch Attorney mobile app to receive notifications via text. To attorneys that need more clients because they are just starting or they may have a gap in their law practice, I recommend LegalMatch.

LegalMatch Provides Easy Access To Leads

In terms of leads, it really depends on how many I want to put into my docket. I can get up to five in a month if I'm really aggressive about it. Out of all the leads that I get, I have 2% engagement. Though it is a small percentage, that does not indicate failure at all.

Besides LegalMatch, I don't use other lead generating systems. I do use business cards or get personal referrals. LegalMatch provides me with easy access to prospective clients.