Attorney Review & Success Story by Stephan M.

  • Stephan M.
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Criminal Law
  • 90% of all the money I brought in was from LegalMatch leads.
  • I get huge cases from my LegalMatch membership.
  • People at LegalMatch are amazingly helpful.

My membership with LegalMatch doesn’t even cost more than $700 bucks a month...I'm easily pulling in at least $10,000 a month from the leads that LegalMatch provides.

My LegalMatch Membership Provided Success to My Practice With Great ROI

My company name is Stephan D. Madden Company PLA. I'm my own employee. I used to have four employees before I left my practice for extended travel. I went around the world on my motorcycle in 2018 and quit practicing. Then, I came back and decided to get back into it again.

I got a contract with LegalMatch many years before and I signed up for a membership. If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have a practice at all. It’s worked out beautifully. I always track where my earnings come from and honest to God, 90% of all the money I brought in was from LegalMatch leads. I've been very happy with the results. I try to stay on it as much as I can and I'm getting better with it.

I Get Huge Cases From My LegalMatch Membership

Even though I'm not working 60 or 70 hours a week anymore, I’m still making as much money as I want to make. I get huge cases from my LegalMatch membership. May of this year, I got a huge personal injury case from LegalMatch. It’s probably the best month I've had in my entire career.

What I like about LegalMatch is how they follow up with me. The people are nice and easy to work with. I'm getting better at using the system. I also like that I get a lot of action from my membership.

I Wouldn’t Have a Business Without LegalMatch

After I left, I lost all my contacts. I stopped doing domestic relations work. That was a big part of my practice before so that cut out a lot of potential business for me. I was on the public defender list in Hamilton County since 1988 but I'm not on it now.

LegalMatch helped shift my business north, out of downtown Cincinnati and more towards Warren and Butler counties. So, my membership has moved my practice a lot. It's kept me off the public dole.

Now I'm more independent and I can charge what I want to charge. However, I don't charge as much as I could because I just want to work and I like to give back a bit. It just goes to show that I’m my own person and closer to home.

My LegalMatch Membership is Worth the Money

My membership with LegalMatch doesn’t even cost more than $700 bucks a month. Yet, with the small cost, it's just provided me with my income. I'm easily pulling in at least $10,000 a month from the leads that LegalMatch provides.

You have to be on it all the time. There's more than one lawyer in the area. Respond to the leads quickly. It’s a good thing that I get new case notifications on my phone from the LegalMatch attorney mobile app since I don't always check my emails. If it’s a new case lead, then I'm on it right away.

Making a follow-up with the prospective client is also important. They may hire other attorneys if you don’t make a follow-up. I might engage one out of five or six leads. So you have to stay on it. I figure if I don't get them right away, then I might try calling twice.

LegalMatch Has A Great System and An Amazing Service

The ease of using the website and the amount of business you get out of it, these are what I like best about LegalMatch. I would recommend it to other attorneys.

In my contract, LegalMatch has given me the ability to stop if I might be going on another trip. I'm planning another trip to South America this time. LegalMatch has agreed to let me suspend four months of a contract which I have to put at the end of the contract. I might be gone for four to six months next year if this virus goes away. They allowed me to stop the membership as long as it is stated in my contract. I think it was nice of them.

People at LegalMatch are amazingly helpful. They helped me move my cases during my trips. They also helped me make a follow-up to some prospective clients.

I Don’t Know What I’d Be Doing Without LegalMatch

Without LegalMatch, I’d probably be unemployed. I was shocked to look at my intake book. I always keep one to this day since I don’t use computers for lists. I still write down every dollar I earn. I started doing it in 1988. I write every name, amount, and source. Nine out of twelve were from LegalMatch.