Attorney Review & Success Story by James J.

  • James J.
  • Washington, PA
  • Family Law
  • 70% of my leads turned into clients.
  • Allows me to reach out to more potential clients at little to no cost.
  • Absolutely recommend LegalMatch to other lawyers.

LegalMatch has positively affected my bottom line, especially during this COVID-19 crisis.

LegalMatch is a Helpful Tool for Lawyers in the COVID-19 Crisis

I’ve been a member of LegalMatch for only about 6 months. LegalMatch sent me an email and I gave it a shot. I’m so glad I did!

I have a lot of good experience with LegalMatch. I like the way that the potential clients and I get a lot of information prior to contacting them, so that I know exactly what I'm getting into when I'm interviewing the leads for my representation.

LegalMatch has positively affected my bottom line, especially during this COVID-19 crisis. It shows that there are people out there that need legal advice despite the crisis. LegalMatch allows me to reach out to more potential clients at little to no cost, when compared with other advertising services’ monthly fee.

Legalmatch Has Good, Solid, and Legitimate Clients

Clients like the convenience of getting a lawyer appointment quickly, uniquely, and easily from the comfort of their homes. If they choose to come in immediately, that's fine. But with this COVID-19 crisis, most of the clients take advantage of the ability to communicate through emails or phone calls. It’s still great! Under the normal times, it’s just a nice steady stream of good, solid legitimate leads.

Reliable Cases to Build Your Practice

LegalMatch is definitely a must-have if lawyers want to not only build their practice, but to keep a solid foundation of their practice. It does provide reliable cases instead of just leads from Google or from other services.

LegalMatch allows lawyers to reach out to the larger part of the community that doesn’t necessarily listen to the radio or read the newspapers. These leads who look for advertising on Facebook or Google can find that LegalMatch is easily accessible to them.

With LegalMatch, potential clients can be sure if they can afford the lawyer’s services. Lawyers will know if these prospects are serious and are looking for legal advice.

Stay on Top of the Leads

For new LegalMatch members, you must stay on top of the lead notifications when you get them. It's always good to do a follow-up. If you decide not to continue with the representation, then you can perhaps follow-up in thirty days by email or by phone call. You’ll be surprised how many potential clients are out there indeed.

LegalMatch is No Comparison with Other Services

I like that it's convenient, and that it can give me leads even on the weekends or holidays. It gives me confidence. My practice is going to continue to grow with these extra leads.

I would say that about 70% of my leads from LegalMatch turned into clients. I would absolutely recommend LegalMatch to other lawyers.

With other lead generating systems, two out of ten leads are actually legitimate. With LegalMatch, it’s eight out of ten!