Attorney Review & Success Story by Ann V.

  • Ann V.
  • Independence, OH
  • Family Law
  • Get around 5 to 10 leads in a week, 4 turn into clients.
  • At least 50% are generated from LegalMatch.
  • Website is very user-friendly.

This LegalMatch set up is very unique. I just don’t like all the other lead generating systems. The way LegalMatch is designed is perfect for me. I think it's the most productive lead generating system!

LegalMatch is a Good Partner for Long-term Lead Generation

Being a lawyer is my third profession. I was a public school teacher for a while. Then, I worked in the non-profit sector as a grant writer and development director. When I was 30, I decided to pursue law because I found that a lot of people didn't know what their rights were. What good are your rights if you don't know what they are? It was for very high-minded reasons that I pursued law.

I practice in Cuyahoga County, which is in Cleveland, Ohio. My office is in a suburb of Cuyahoga called Independence. While I do general practice, the majority of my cases are in Family Law. That’s my specialization and I have experience practicing in about 12 or 13 counties, but I primarily practice in about 3 counties, contingent to Cuyahoga County.

LegalMatch is the Key to Getting Clients

I have been a member of LegalMatch for quite a while. It has been a long-standing relationship. LegalMatch had approached me and my law partner. We were looking for a marketing service, so we gave LegalMatch a try. After my law partnership, I continued with LegalMatch not only in Ohio, but also in Texas and in several other positions. I tried a couple of other marketing services, but LegalMatch seemed to be the best fit for me!

I did recommend LegalMatch to some of my colleagues. They ask me about how I get business because there seems to be no business around. I ask them the type of marketing they use and I suggest LegalMatch. Some of them pursued. I know one who pursued LegalMatch and he was very happy with it. He went into Criminal Law allocation and he always thanks me when I see him.

When he gets an inquiry for criminal law, he responds right away because criminal defendants are in such hot water that if they don't get a response right away, they just go to the next contact. You have to respond right away to a criminal law inquiry because if they're facing a charge, like a felony, they're not going to be sitting around waiting. They're just going to go to the next person. Respond right away! This is the key to getting a whole bunch of clients.

LegalMatch System Is Perfect and Productive

I have tried a number of lead generating systems. I have advertised with FindLaw and I didn't like their system. I also advertised with Avvo and I don't like that system. Both of them are a waste of time and money. This LegalMatch set up is very unique. I just don’t like all the other lead generating systems. The way LegalMatch is designed is perfect for me. I think it's the most productive lead generating system!

I like the way the LegalMatch system is set up. The website is very user-friendly. I have tried all these different legal marketing firms or companies. They have different systems. LegalMatch allows the potential client to give some initial information and then they get almost an immediate response. That kind of interface works well for me and I think it works well for clients.

I Can Control the Influx of Clients

With LegalMatch, I can decide how many new clients I want to get at any given time. I just need to start responding. Sometimes, if I have a lot on my plate and I’m too busy, I can refrain from accepting new clients for a period of time. Then, whenever I'm ready to start back up, I can usually get a client to retain me within a week. It has never been a problem for me. I control the influx of clients.

LegalMatch works for attorneys who are on top of their schedules. Attorneys have a very hectic schedule. If they are disciplined enough to check their LegalMatch responses on a regular basis, this is a good fit. If they're all over the place or too busy and can't sit down and respond, it's not going to work for them. I usually stop and answer right away. I follow up and I have a very good system that works well. I'm just a real expert at it after all these years.

My Secret to Retaining Clients: Customize Templates

I will tell new attorneys my secret key to retaining clients over my competition. Clients would tell me that they hired me over the other attorneys that responded to them because when I wrote a response, it was tailored to their inquiry. They could tell that the other attorneys just responded right away. Clients couldn't even tell if the other attorneys had actually read the details of their inquiry.

I have templates and there's one section there that I use. This is actually one of your brilliant marketing managers who gave me a tip to make the templates tailored. There's one paragraph of each template that says “Upon reviewing your case details…” Then I'll ask questions like “Why did this happen? Can you tell me more about these?” These are specific fact questions. Clients like being asked questions. They like knowing that someone is actually reading what they wrote and not just saying, “Hey, I can help you, I'm an attorney, call me!”. Clients like a more personable approach.

Kendra Stack, my account manager is very helpful. She will call on a monthly basis. She and I have gotten into a system. She told me she's actually available to help when I'm busy. If I ask her she'll follow up on inquiries that I have responded to. We started this system recently. I didn't even know it was something that she could do for me. She'll follow up and then direct them to an initial consultation with me. I really like Kendra, I think she's really good!

LegalMatch Is Well Worth Your Money

I could have four to six new clients in a month if I want and honestly, that's a tremendous amount of work for one attorney in addition to keeping up with the other cases. I would say I get around five to ten leads in a week and one out of four actually turns into actual clients. I get great reviews from people. It's a huge ego boost when people give you great reviews even if they don't hire me. They thank me for giving them advice and I don't charge them. I care about my clients. Some people in this allocation would say they can't even talk to an attorney. They have to talk to a paralegal and that is a huge turn-off. I would make myself available. It’s a free consultation and if they don't hire me, that's fine! It's just part of this marketing.

I really like LegalMatch. I think it's brilliant and it's well worth your money. I would say of all the new clients that come in, at least 50% are generated from LegalMatch and the other 50% are referrals. Those might be referrals from a LegalMatch client. Right now, I have a caseload of around 60 cases and I would say that two-thirds are from LegalMatch. I have had some who are repeat clients. They have referred me to their relatives or friends.

During this period, I do agree that the court and its procedure has changed. But what I have come to understand during this pandemic is that the practice of law is recession-proof. It's coronavirus-proof. My business has not slowed down at all. I have made adjustments for clients who are struggling financially, but I have had no issue. It’s maybe because of Family Law. There have been a lot of parents who have been denied visitation.

My practice hasn't slowed down from the coronavirus. I have not slowed down a bit except by choice. I like being in charge of when I want a new client. I'll just decide this week if I'm going to get a new client. If I have enough space. Sometimes I’ll just respond. I also feel a certain responsibility to provide answers even though I think it's a client that has a hopeless case. Sometimes they just don't understand what they're talking about. So I do feel like it's a public service.