Disturbing the Peace and Loud Music

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Is It a Criminal Violation to Play Music Too Loud?

Playing music at excessively loud volumes is generally listed under the violation of “disturbing the peace”. This usually happens through the use of stereo equipment in a home or in an automobile. Also, playing loud music may be an offense if the city enforces a specific noise ordinance.  
Every state and city has its own statutes governing the offense of disturbing the peace, so check with your local municipalities for the specifics of your jurisdiction.

What Are the Legal Consequences of Disturbing the Peace?

Can Disturbing the Peace Result in a Criminal Record?

Disturbing the peace is generally considered one of the most minor offenses and will not usually result in a criminal record for the offender. However, if combined with other offenses, such as a violent offense, or repeated offenses, it may result in a negative impact on one’s record.
Generally speaking, with regards to noise levels, simply playing loud music will not result in a charge unless there has been an active request by a neighbor or by the city that the person reduce the level of noise.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Disturbing the Peace Issues?

Whether you are being charged with disturbing the peace or you would like to bring such a claim against another person, it is in your best interests to retain the services of a lawyer. You should make detailed reports of the incidences, including names, dates, and copies of any police reports or records. 

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