Class Action Tobacco Lawsuits

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If you suffer from injuries that you believe have resulted from smoking, there are a few options open to you.  One of these is to join in a class action lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits are brought by a few people on behalf of many.  For example, in one recent case 3 plaintiffs sued several tobacco companies on behalf of over 500,000 people in Florida.  These people qualified for the lawsuit by suffering from smoking-related illnesses.  Since so many people are involved, the potential award is enormous.

However, tobacco companies have been quite successful in defending themselves against class action lawsuits.  The main reason is that it is extremely difficult to prove smoking injuries in a class action lawsuit.  Although smoking has been closely linked to many cancers and other illnesses, each plaintiff has had a completely different life experience.  Therefore, the tobacco companies can argue that there is no way to show that all of the plaintiffs’ illnesses resulted from smoking, and the cases are often dismissed by the courts.

If you do suffer from a smoking-related illness, your first step should be to consult with a lawyer.  An experienced attorney can offer you advise as to whether you should join a class action, file an individual lawsuit, or pursue another course of action.

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