When Dogs Kill or Injure Livestock

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How to Receive Compensation When a Dog Kills or Injures Livestock

Livestock is valuable property to farmers and ranchers. If a dog comes onto your property and kills your livestock, you may be able to receive financial compensation from the dog’s owner.

General Rules When Dogs Kill Livestock

Although there are many rules pertaining to dogs injuring livestock, there are two general rules that are common across all jurisdictions:

  1. Livestock owners may kill dogs that are harming and harassing their livestock (i.e. the owner has a justification).
  2. Dog owners are always financially liable for the livestock that their dogs harmed.

State Reimbursement Programs

Sometimes, it is not so easy to locate the person whose dog killed your livestock. For example, the livestock owner may not find out about their loss until some time has passed since the incident.

Due to the difficulty in receiving compensation for livestock losses, some states have enacted programs to reimburse farmers or ranchers who have lost their livestock due to dogs.

These state reimbursement programs require you to take action quickly after your livestock has been injured. Some states, such as Illinois, require you to notify your loss within 24 hours.

Seeking Legal Help

If you have lost livestock or cattle due to an unruly dog, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement and receive compensation for your losses.

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