Is a Dog Sitter Liable for Dog Bites?

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Is a Dog Sitter Liable for Dog Bites or Attacks?

The general rule is that dog owners are liable for their dogs’ actions. However, in some jurisdictions, dog keepers or sitters are liable for dogs’ actions when the dogs are under their custody.

Who Is Considered a Dog Keeper or Dog Sitter?

Depending on the jurisdiction, the following persons may be liable:

But Shouldn’t the Owner Be Liable for the Cost?

In an ideal world, dog keepers should not be liable for another person’s dog. But unfortunately, some dog owners do not have money to pay for the injuries. Thus, injured parties have the right to go after persons who are secondarily liable to recover damages.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Yes, an experienced personal injury lawyer will represent you in your best light. He will shift some or all of your secondary liability to the owner such that you will be minimally liable.

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