What Is Indecent Assault?

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What Is Assault?

The term “assault” in criminal law refers to an attempted battery. It means someone intentionally causes someone to have reasonable apprehension of harm. Sexual assault is different form of assault. It is the non-consensual contact of a sexual nature done by force, violence, or threat of force.

What Make Assault Indecent?

Assault is indecent when it involves unwanted sexual contact. The individual accused of this crime has allegedly taken liberties with another person without that person’s consent.

How Is Indecent Assault Different from Sexual Assault?

In many jurisdictions, the two crimes are considered the same. If a person is accused of committing the crime, they may be charged with either sexual assault or indecent assault.

What Is Considered Indecent Assault?

Sexual acts that are defined as indecent vary by jurisdiction. In general, touching someone’s private areas without their consent is considered indecent. Other types of indecent contact include:

In Pennsylvania, indecently assaulting someone also includes intentionally causing someone to come in contact with seminal fluid, feces, or urine for the purpose of causing sexual desire.

What Is the Punishment for This Crime?

The punishment varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, in Pennsylvania, this crime is considered a first- or second-degree misdemeanor, depending the number of times a person has committed this type of assault.

How Is Indecent Exposure Different from Indecent Assault?

Indecent exposure is a sex crime involving exposing one’s private parts to other individuals. Although a person may expose himself to another person, indecent assault involves having some form of contact with the victim.

Should I Contact a Criminal Lawyer about an Indecent Assault Charge?

Yes, if you are charged or under investigation for committing this crime, you absolutely should contact a criminal defense attorney. An attorney will listen to the details of your case and determine the best defense to fight the charge.

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