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What Is Kidnapping?

An unlawful act taking someone by force or fraud and without consent is called kidnapping. Kidnapping becomes a federal offense when a person takes another across state lanes without their consent, by force, or fraud. Whereas false imprisonment is different from kidnapping because it is the act of detaining an individual and preventing them from leaving a certain area.

How Does Washington State Classify Kidnapping?

In Washington, a person is considered guilty if they intentionally abduct someone with the intent to commit another crime. Such crimes like:

What Does It Mean to Kidnap to Cause Bodily Injury to the Victim?

It means the defendant is accused of abducting someone to intentionally cause physical harm to the victim such as:

What Does Washington State Consider “Abducting” in a Kidnapping Charge?

It means to restrain someone by holding them in an area where they are unlikely to be found. It also means using or threatening to use deadly force to keep control of the victim.

What is the Punishment for Kidnapping in the First Degree in Washington State?

Kidnapping is considered a class A felony in Washington State. So a convicted defendant can face up to life in prison and/or a fine of up to $50,000.

Should I Contact a Criminal Lawyer about Resolving the My Kidnapping in the First Degree Charge?

Yes. It’s vital to speak with a criminal lawyer about resolving the kidnapping charge you face in Washington State.

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