In Nevada, kidnapping is defined as willfully and intentionally decoying, seizing, or confining an individual for something of value. The state has two kidnapping degrees: first degree and second degree.

What Is Kidnapping in the First Degree in Nevada?

Kidnapping in the first degree is intentionally and willfully taking an individual for something of value such as money or property. During, before, or after the kidnapping, the kidnapped individual suffers substantial bodily harm.

What Is Kidnapping in the Second Degree in Nevada?

Kidnapping in the second degree is willfully and unlawfully takes an individual in Nevada with the intent on keeping the victim secretly imprisoned. The victim does not suffer substantial bodily harm in this instance.

Is Second Degree Kidnapping the Same as Aiding or Abetting a Kidnapping in Nevada?

No. Kidnapping is the actual act of taking an individual for the purpose of secretly keeping that person or obtaining something of value. Aiding or abetting in a kidnapping is merely helping a person accused of kidnapping an individual either before, during, or after the crime.

Will I Be Sentenced to Life in Prison for Second Degree Kidnapping in Nevada?

No. Life in prison is not a potential punishment for second degree kidnapping. This is because kidnapping in the second degree is considered a Category B felony.

What Is a Category B Felony?

A Category B felony is considered a serious felony, although not as serious as a Category A felony. A criminal sentence for a Category B Felony is:

  • Two to 15 years in prison
  • $15,000 fine
  • A fine and prison time

Should I Contact a Lawyer to Help Me?

If you are charged with a charge for kidnapping in the second degree, then you will likely need assistance to properly defend yourself against this charge and avoid a long prison sentence. Thus, it is important to talk to a Nevada criminal lawyer about representing you.