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Is My Employer Required to Pay Me While I Am Serving Jury Duty?

Very few states require employers to pay employees for the time they spend on jury duty. Among those that do have such a requirement, the amount of pay will vary from state to state.  For example:

What if the Employer Fails to Pay Wages as Required by State Law?

If state law requires an employer to pay employees for the time they spend on jury duty, and the employer fails to do so, the consequences will vary among the states and can be severe:

What if the Employer Really Cannot Afford to Pay an Employee who is Serving Jury Duty?

Of the states that require employers to pay employees while they serve on jury duty, most will excuse the employer from this duty upon a finding that it would cause financial hardship. 

Can an Employer Fire an Employee for Serving on Jury Duty?

No.  It is a violation of public policy to fire an employee or threaten to fire an employee for serving on jury duty, even if the employee is an at-will employee.  Discharging an employee for serving on jury duty is a form of wrongful termination. 

Should You Hire a Lawyer Experienced in Employment Law?

If you believe that you are entitled to compensation from your employer for time served on jury duty, or if you believe you have been wrongfully terminated for serving on jury duty, an attorney can help you investigate the matter and gather appropriate documents. Many worker's rights and civil right's laws have detailed procedures and filing deadlines. An attorney can assist you through these procedures in order to get you the relief you seek. If you are an employer facing a wrongful termination lawsuit, you should speak to a lawyer immediately. 

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