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 What is a Hit and Run?

A hit and run occurs when a driver crashes their motor vehicle into another person’s vehicle, and then flees the scene. The driver that was hit can sue the other driver in civil court to recoup money for the damage done to their motor vehicle. The State of Washington also has a law against leaving the scene of an accident.

What is the “Hit and Run Law” in Washington State?

State Law makes it unlawful for a motorist to hit another driver’s motor vehicle while its occupied, and then leave the scene of the accident.

What Does “Attended” Mean?

In this case, “attend” means that a driver or passengers were in a motor vehicle at the time of the hit and run.

What Does Washington State Mean By “Leaving the Scene of an Accident”?

In the State of Washington, a hit and run is when a driver hit another vehicle, but failed to stop and exchange information such as:

  • Driver’s license information
  • Name
  • Address
  • Insurance information

What is the Penalty for Hitting an Attended Vehicle and Fleeing?

In Washington State, a hit and run is charged as a gross misdemeanor.  The punishment for a gross misdemeanor in Washington State is less than 1 year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.

Will My Driver’s License Be Suspended?

Yes. Under the State Law, a person convicted of a hit and run can have their license suspended for 1 year.

What If I Hit and Vehicle with My Car Then Fled, is it the Same Sentence?

No, it’s a felony. Washington State law requires any driver who hits a vehicle and/or causes injury or death to the driver, to immediately stop and offer assistance. The driver must also provide personal information. But the penalty for failing to do so varies, as it is based on the injuries to the victim.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Case?

Yes, contact an Washington traffic violation lawyer to represent you in your hit and run case.

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