Teen Texting and Driving Consequences

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Teen Texting and Driving Consequences

Texting while driving involves operating a motor vehicle while in the act of writing, reading, viewing, or sent a text message via a mobile device.

What Is “Teen Texting”?

“Teen texting” is when a driver under the age of 20 texts on their phone while operating a motor vehicle.

Does Federal Law Prohibit Teen Texting?

There are no national texting while driving ban. Anti-texting laws are generally enacted by local and state governments. Some states ban all texting while driving. Other states only ban texting and driving for novice drivers.

Who Is Considered to be a Novice Driver?

The term novice driver typically refers to anyone under 21 years old with a driver’s license or learner’s permit. Sometimes, a driver older than 21 years old can fit into the category of a novice driver in some states when they have a learner’s permit or new driver’s license.

How Are Teen Laws against Driving and Texting Enforced?

It depends on whether it is a primary enforcement or secondary one. A primary enforcement means police may stop and cite a driver even when there is no other traffic violation like running a red light. If it is a secondary enforcement, a driver must commit another traffic violation before he can be stopped by police.

What Is the Punishment for Teen Texting and Driving?

The specific consequences for texting while driving vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Punishments include:

Possible jail time is an option for teen drivers who:

Should I Discuss Teen Texting and Driving Consequences with an Attorney?

States are becoming stricter on teen texting. Teens who cause a car accident while texting will face tougher punishments depending on the circumstances. It is highly recommended to contact a criminal attorney about teen texting for more information or legal representation.

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