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Cell Phone Use While Driving Lawyers

There is no federal law prohibiting cell phone use by driving. However, many states have banned the use of handheld devices and cell phones while driving.

What Is the Ban on Handheld Cell Phones?

The ban prohibits a driver from using their cell phone while driving. However, a driver can use a hands-free phone headset while driving.

What Happens If a Driver Violates the Ban?

Two levels of offenses are associated with violating a using a cell phone while driving ban:

Both levels of offense will result in at least a sizable fine, if not a more serious punishment.

What If a Driver Causes a Car Accident While Using a Cell Phone?

When a car accident occurs, the driver who is more careless is normally determined to be at fault. The driver using the cell phone may be at fault for the accident and deemed liable for any damages. If the driver was on the job during the car crash, their employer may be held liable too. However, parents are not currently held liable for their teen causing an accident while using a cell phone.

Are There Defenses Against a Violation of the Ban?

If a driver is accused of violating the ban, there are some defenses they can use:

Should I Contact an Attorney If I Was Accused of Using a Cell Phone While Driving?

Driving while texting or using a cell phone is a serious offense that often comes with a hefty fine. Talk to a criminal defense attorney about your legal rights and any defenses you have to fight the offense.

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