When contesting a traffic ticket, some drivers choose to represent themselves in court. Unfortunately, this may have devastating results. The driver may be disorganized about the version of events or may discuss insignificant details, harming his or her case.

You do not need a lawyer for a traffic ticket, but a traffic ticket lawyer will be able to argue and get a lower fine, which can make a huge difference in how much you pay for the ticket. A lawyer can also help get the case dismissed and the ticket thrown out which will help your insurance rates stay put and you wouldn’t need to attend traffic school.

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How Much Does a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Cost?

Many traffic violation lawyers will charge an hourly rate to represent you in court to fight your ticket. When the traffic ticket is a smaller issue with less paperwork, the traffic ticket lawyer will charge you a flat rate. Rates will vary based on the difficulty of your case and the location where you got your ticket.

When Do You Need a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket?

You do not always need a traffic lawyer to represent you to fight a traffic ticket, but it is beneficial. The more serious the traffic violation, the more beneficial a traffic ticket lawyer is needed. If you are in a distant city or state, you can hire a local attorney who can make a court appearance on your behalf.

If you are charge with a misdemeanor, felony or DUI, then you should seek legal representation. Also if you are facing jail time because of a serious charge, you should seek legal representation.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me with My Traffic Ticket?

A lawyer can assist you in winning a traffic ticket case in three basic ways:

  1. Offer Advice: Contesting a traffic ticket is not the end goal, winning is. A lawyer will listen to the facts of the situation before analyzing your legal position. The term “legal position” how the ticket can resolve in your favor. Receiving advice will help determine how to proceed with contesting the traffic ticket.
  2. Negotiate a Resolution: If the ticket itself is serious or the driver is facing serious consequences, a lawyer may be able to negotiate with the prosecuting agency.
  3. Represent the Client in Traffic Court: A lawyer will present a well-organized, more effective defense than a driver could present on his own.
  4. Dismiss the Ticket: A traffic ticket lawyer can argue in your favor and get the ticket dismissed.

What Should I Know about Hiring a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket?

A driver planning to fight a traffic ticket should know:

  • A local attorney is the best option. Local lawyers who routinely work in the court where the case is handled is a better option because they know the other people involved in your case, such as the judge and the police officers.
  • Beware of legal plans with reduced fees. Prepaid legal services give members legal fees at a reduced rate. However, the lawyer involved may know little about traffic court. Also, the reduced fee may only be to consult, not represent the driver.
  • Never rush to hire a lawyer. Rushing may hinder a driver in finding the best lawyer.

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Traffic Ticket?

If you have a traffic citation and are considering challenging it in court, consulting a criminal defense lawyer can be indispensable. Traffic tickets can be expensive and they may even raise your insurance rates or affect points on your license. An experienced lawyer will be able to explain your rights, help build your case, and represent your best interests in court.